Daria Shorina, Director of the architectural festival "O'Gorod" in "Plan goroda"
Why do citizens need to master public space? Is it possible to use the festival experience for the whole Nizhny Novgorod? Modern architecture is the Museum exhibits or prototypes?
Moderator: Aleksey Rozhin.
Operators: Nikita Wirthlin, Georgy Zakharov.

Video about "O'Gorod" - 2014

Author: Dmitry Shavrin

Video about «O'Gorod 120» 

Author: Dmitry Tolmachev / Moments of Life

Daria Shorina tells about the projects of ANO "Ogorod" at the international forum "Living Environment", Kazan, 2016.

You can choose English in the video settings.

Daria Shorina in RBK NV Nizhny Novgorod programm "Timonina. City practices", 2017.

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