O G O R O D 

Ogorod is a non - commercial organization which aim is the development of the urban environment through festivals, art interventions, discussions, concepts, programs and projects based on the principles of an integrated, multidisciplinary approach and co-participant design.


Education cycle Pochva - lectures, workshops, discussions and exhibitions, in which an experts in the field of architecture and urbanism meet the professional community and citizens with projects and trends in the development of the urban environment. By three years the experts from five countries shared their experience with public, and the events was attended more than 1,000 residents of Nizhny Novgorod.


International architectural festival "O'Gorod" event, that annually uniting the ideas of young professionals and citizens to create art-objects and objects of small architectural forms for the city. Over 9 years appeared more than 80 objects that have brought renewal and life in an undeveloped and neglected city parks, squares and other public spaces.


The project Ogorozheno - common with the newspaper "Seledka" project of reorganization of the public spaces of the city in an open dialogue of citizens, professional community, administration and business for positive changes of urban environment in Nizhniy Novgorod. Over the past year was developed and discussed the concept of reinvention for four public spaces.


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